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Ashley Down Primary School

Life Learning

Life Learning at Ashley Down Primary School Aims (intent)

At Ashley Down Primary School we think it is essential that children have a broad and balanced curriculum which extends beyond the National Curriculum. We have always ensured that children are explicitly taught learning skills and are aware of themselves as a learner.

The Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have meant that we have had to review our wider curriculum provision and look at what children need to support them to thrive. With more access to technology from a younger age, children need to be aware of how to stay safe on line. At Ashley Down Primary School we use Project Evolve to teach progressive skills throughout the school.

The Life Learning curriculum at Ashley Down Primary School recognises that children need to be taught skills to build emotional wellbeing, creativity and critical thinking. Whilst also providing opportunities to play, explore and actively learn. These skills are all reflected in the Bristol Early Years Characteristics of Effective learning which underpins our Life Learning Curriculum. The school values of commitment, joy, compassion and respect are embedded in this approach.

What it looks like here (implementation)

A lesson a week is dedicated to Life Learning which could be taught discretely or through another subject. In term 1 all year groups focus of Emotional Wellbeing and this is linked to the Bristol Belonging Strategy to reinforce class cultures, routines and expectations. The school behaviour policy of ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe’ with class reward systems are also established. We want all children to feel that they belong in their classroom and build strong relationships with their peers and key adults.

At the end of term 1 provocations are set up so that teachers can make observations based on this strand of the Characteristics of Effective Learning. This assessment is then used to plan the focus for Life Learning in the next term. This will vary between year groups depending on what has been identified from the assessments. This model of assessment and planning is then followed through the year to include all areas of the Characteristics of Effective Learning and the Project Evolve units.

In term 6 all year groups focus again on Emotional Wellbeing to support transition to the next year group or school. In Reception and Key Stage 1 the Elli animals (Effective Life Long Learning Inventory) are used to talk to the children about the way they are learning and the skills they are using.