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Ashley Down Primary School


Computing at Ashley Down Primary School Aims (intent) 

At Ashley Down, we recognise that our children are growing up into a digital world in which technology plays an ever-increasing role. In line with the national curriculum, our curriculum has computer science at its heart, teaching children to programme and understand the basics of how computer systems and networks function. Alongside this, we understand that children will need to be competent users of a range of information technology and understand the different ways it can benefit them. The children we teach have been born into a digital world and it is crucial that they are digitally literate. Our computing curriculum will teach them how to use technology responsibly and safely and confidently interact online in a way that prepares them for life as a digital citizen.

What it looks like here (implementation)

• At Ashley Down, computing is taught in weekly lessons for 3 terms per year. Our curriculum has been rewritten since the pandemic to ensure curriculum coverage and progression through each year group.

• Computer science lessons predominantly use Discovery Education’s coding scheme of work, which is taught throughout KS1 and KS2. All year groups start with units using ‘block coding’ and Years 4-6 move on to use python programming language. This scheme provides all children with the opportunity to understand, debug and develop simple programs to solve problems.

• Alongside this, children in KS2 are taught to use search technologies effectively and about the basics of computer networks and systems.

• Each year group has a focus on a different aspect of information technology. Learning the basics of it and then using it to present a piece of work.

• To ensure our children grow up to be responsible, confident and safe users of technology, our digital literacy lessons are covered by the Project Evolve resources, covering the 330 statements from the UK Council for Internet Safety.

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