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Ashley Down Primary School

Behaviour in School


At Ashley Down Primary school we treat all children with unconditional respect and have high expectations for both adults' and children's learning and social behaviours. Our school is calm and purposeful. It prides itself on excellent relationships and high level of care. We understand that positive behaviour can be taught and needs to be modelled. We understand that negative behaviour can signal a need for support which we will provide without diluting our expectations.


At Ashley Down Primary School we have three simple school rules:

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.


If children need help to follow the rules we will:

  • Provide a reminder of expectations
  • Talk through the behaviour and what needs to change
  • Give the children the opportunity to reset in another space in the school. If this happens we will let parents know so that we can work together to support your child.


We celebrate achievements and successes through:

  • Celebration assemblies
  • Tea with Mrs Sood
  • Whole Class rewards
  • Class table points


Our approach to teaching and managing behaviour works well the vast majority of the time. Occasionally a child may need a more individualised support. In this case we will work with families to develop a behaviour regulation plan for the child.

Click here to download our full behaviour regulation policy.