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Ashley Down Primary School

ADP Curriculum


At Ashley Down Primary School we want all children to achieve their full potential in the academic, artistic, social, spiritual and emotional aspects of their lives.

Therefore we have created and implemented connected curriculum which reflects our school vision.


Our vision: Creating connections in learning to build great futures.


Making learning connections brings learning to life. It makes learning meaningful and makes it stick. At Ashley Down Primary School, we aim to create learning opportunities that are relevant and reflective of our unique school community. We are committed to a culture of kindness and respect, for ourselves, for each other, the community and the planet.

To do this we:

  • Create meaningful links across year groups and subjects
  • Encourage learners to be curious and actively engaged in their learning
  • Support our children to develop an understanding of themselves as learners through our Life Learning programme
  • Reflect the diversity of our school community in our curriculum
  • Enable children to be emotionally literate in a safe space.


Our values are fundamental to everything we do at Ashley Down, from the way we interact with others, to how we learn and how we play. Our school values are: Joy, Compassion, Commitment and Respect.

At Ashley Down Primary School we are using the Systematic Synthetic Phonics program - Unlocking Letters and Sounds.

Our aims are that:

  • children will be exposed to a comprehensive range of cross curricular knowledge in which the learner has a strong input.

  • all children become self confident, independent and resourceful learners.

  • all children are equipped with the skills needed to make a successful transition to the next stage in their lives.

Our curriculum supports these aims by:

  • offering an exciting education, which challenges all children and provides new experiences, through enquiry based learning.

  • establishing a high quality and creative approach to learning and teaching where all children make good progress, achieve success and enjoy learning.

  • having a welcoming and stimulating school environment that enables active learning.

  • providing children with learning opportunities in different environments and instilling an appreciation that learning is a lifelong journey that transcends the classroom.

  • ensuring that learners are treated individually, taking account of their varied life experiences, preferred learning styles and differing needs.

  •  forming strong and effective partnerships with our families and wider community to teach children to be strong, independent, self assured individuals prepared for the next step in their learning journey.